Client Testimonials

Sample testimonials of the 6,000+ leaders who have benefited from the True Growth leader development experience:


– “Exceeded all of my expectations and renewed my personal and professional energy and focus. It was exactly what I needed!”

– “Life changing is only the 1st chapter in the book of compliments about what True Growth is doing. You are inspiring, changing, influencing, and molding relationships that will save lives. I’ve found the passion and source of joy that I’ve been seeking for 9 years. I’ve found my smile!”

– “The True Growth Academy experience is one of the most rewarding training experiences that I have encountered in my 20+ years of leadership. I found a part of me that I did not know existed. Has had a profound impact on my life.”

– “The True Growth Academy taught me more about my life and purpose than any other training I have attended.”

– “Highly recommend for current and future leaders of any company. It can change/define the direction of a career and the path that a company is traveling.”

– “This was the most moving and beneficial experience of my professional career. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to get it right.”

– “The course helped me identify my strengths/weaknesses as a leader and provided methods and techniques for improvement. Quality and passion of instructors is second to none.”

– “I was skeptical but now I am an advocate. This is a great blend of military, corporate, and academic disciplines. I wish I had this experience ten years ago.”

– “Was not what I anticipated but much better than I expected. Made me reflect on the past and commit to a life of purpose. It pushed me out of my comfort zone.”

– “After four days here, I realized this was the best investment I have ever made in myself. I would recommend this Academy to leaders at all levels in any organization. It truly is life changing!”

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