“Good leaders are like baseball umpires. They go practically unnoticed when doing their jobs right.” – Byrd Baggett

David Brooks, in his best-selling book, The Road to Character, talks about Resume Virtues, or what we accomplish during our life, versus Eulogy Virtues, the legacy we leave behind. In that regard, following are the Resume Virtues and Eulogy Virtues of Ted Williams, one of the greatest professional baseball players of all time. Continue reading “What Price Are You Willing to Pay for Success?”

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There are two constants in any organization – people and customer service. Products will change, technology will change, but people and customer service will always be the foundation of any company’s success.

Whataburger, a Texas success story, is a shining example of the success that an organization can have if they focus on people and customer service. Continue reading “Burgers & Leadership”

I had the pleasure of participating in the 2004 Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas.  We went to sell my new line of motivational gifts but I received much more than monetary gain. Continue reading “Mary Kay on Leadership”

I just finished rereading The Great Santini by Pat Conroy. In the book, Ben, the beleaguered son, pays tribute to one of his most beloved teachers, Ogden Loring, with the following words:

“It took years in the crucible of human experience to value the gentle people one meets in the eye of the storm.”

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This is one of my favorite books on the topic of authentic leadership. Jaworski’s journey is an inspirational story of how a man begrudgingly left  a very successful career to discover his true calling and a life of inner peace and significance. As Peter Senge, best-selling author of The Fifth Discipline, stated, “Synchronicity is a book that anyone serious about leadership will have to read.” Continue reading “Synchronicity: The Inner Path to Leadership – Joseph Jaworski”

Several years ago, I had a disturbing conversation with a close friend who had been employed by a Fortune 500 company for thirty years.  Upon asking the question, “How are things at work?” this individual replied, “Not good.”  The obvious next question was, “Why?” Continue reading “Why Companies Die Young”

Once the Chinese Bamboo Plant is planted, there is no visible growth for up to five years, even under the most ideal conditions. Then, as if by magic, it suddenly begins growing at the rate of nearly 2.5 feet per day, reaching 90 feet within 6 weeks!

The Chinese Bamboo Plant is a powerful illustration of the transformational impact of simple acts of daily discipline. Following are five simple acts of daily discipline that will help you grow in the five key areas of your life: Continue reading “Five Steps to Gaining the Edge in Life”