* Driven leaders often drift away from their inner values.
* Overly driven leaders have underdeveloped relational skills. They get things done but destroy people in the process.
* Overly driven leaders are control freaks.
* Overly driven leaders are ultra-competitive. Each situation becomes a win/lose contest.
* Overly driven leaders often smolder with anger. They too often erupt in anger.
* Overly driven leaders are overly busy. Busyness is a substitute (as well as an escape) for personal relationships.
* Being driven can be our greatest strength or our greatest weakness.

A healthy ego is necessary for your emotional health.  But when it reaches the tipping point and you must win regardless of the best idea, think about me first and others second, or hearing without listening, the end result on employee morale can be devastating. When that happens, everything suffers – safety, production, creativity, efficiency and profits. – Larry Cole, PhD

At True Growth®, we’re often asked by clients what their ROI will be if they send leaders to one of our leader development sessions. Quite honestly, it’s virtually impossible to share hard $ numbers as to the bottom line impact of our leader development experience. Continue reading “What’s Most Important Can’t Be Measured”

Now that the 2016 presidential candidates have been selected, America and the world are prepared to watch a mud-slinging, negative and downright nasty campaign from both parties. As sales professionals, we know that when you resort to saying bad things about your competition, that just elevates them, and lowers you, in the clients’ eyes. Continue reading “Food for Thought for the Presidential Election”

We are all going to face obstacles in in our lives. When they hit, as they inevitably will, we have two choices – to quit or persevere. When we summon the faith and willpower to persevere through the challenges of life, our true character is revealed and we are able to live lives of peace, prosperity and significance. Continue reading “Crucibles = Perseverance = Character = Hope”

The Lost Virtue

“Humility leads to strength and not to weakness.  It is the highest form of self-respect to admit mistakes and to make amends for them.” – John J. McCloy

In my 30+ years working with thousands of leaders, I’ve observed the following characteristics of the most effective leaders Continue reading “The Lost Virtue”

The major focus of the most effective, and best liked, leaders is growing relationships that stand the tests of time and change. Never forget that leadership is high-touch, not high-tech!

I was recently reflecting on why teams and individuals achieve the pinnacle of success.  I am convinced that winners possess a secret weapon that is available to all – belief. Following are several examples of the power of belief Continue reading “The Power of Belief”

Which Season defines your current life?

Season of Self

It’s all about ego.  We might also call it the Season of Collecting, as our energies are focused on collecting things and making our mark on life via our career, the home we live in, the car we drive, the money we make, etc, etc…  Energies are typically focused on comparing – keeping up with the Jones’ – and competing with others. Continue reading “What Season Are You In?”

Winning teams have a set of core values to which each team member is held accountable. Without equity in accountability from the most junior to the most senior levels, organizations are best served by not having core values. How’s your team doing?