Burgers & Leadership



There are two constants in any organization – people and customer service. Products will change, technology will change, but people and customer service will always be the foundation of any company’s success.

Whataburger, a Texas success story, is a shining example of the success that an organization can have if they focus on people and customer service. Yes, they have the best equipment, the cleanest restaurants, and the best burgers – I know, I’ve enjoyed hundreds! But, what separates them from their competition is their passionate focus on people and customer service.

Harmon Dobson, founder of Whataburger, insisted that all employees be treated with dignity and respect. This philosophy has endured the tests of time and change. The Whataburger organization has close to 800 locations with annual sales approaching two billion dollars.

The secret to Whataburger’s success can be found in the following poem that was inscribed in the back of one of Harmon Dobson’s journals…

The Happiest Heart

Who drives the horses of the sun
Shall lord it but a day;
Better the lowly deed were done,
And kept the humble way.

The rust will find the sword of fame,
The dust will hide the crown;
Ay, none shall nail so high his name
Time will not tear it down.
– John Vance Cheney

Mr. Dobson left behind a wonderful legacy that is still flourishing in today’s winner-take-all society. Whataburger is a Texas-sized example of the good things that happen when you treat people with dignity and respect.

And remember, it’s all about relationships.