Meeting Room Requirements

  • LCD projector on small table for PowerPoint presentation (with cabling for computer interface) with power source for projector and computer.
  • Speakers for videos (or link to meeting room’s system)
  • We will bring computer (with wireless remote) loaded with CD of appropriate presentation.
  • Large screen.
  • Prop Tables (2) prefer 36″ by 60″ folding tables.
  • One Stool.
  • Two easels/paper charts with markers (various colors).
  • Tables for participants (prefer round tables). Preferred seating of 3-5 individuals per table.

Is the way we’re leading working?

U.S. Employee Engagement, 2011-2016

The short answer is “no”. As the above graph illustrates, Gallup’s annual study of employee engagement consistently finds that less than 35% of employees are engaged in their work. So, the way we’re leading isn’t working but we continue to embrace leader development methods and models that don’t work! What a waste of an organization’s time, energy and money.

Why should I choose True Growth versus other leader development experiences?

Unlike most leader development experiences which focus on an “outside in” approach to organizational change, True Growth embraces an inside out “Know, Be, Lead” philosophy. For organizations to truly change, its leaders must first KNOW themselves before they can BE an authentic leader who can effectively LEAD their followers.

How does True Growth teach leaders the “Know, Be, Lead” philosophy to become more authentic in their leadership roles?

Our teaching is based on our True Growth® Model that helps leaders both discover and understand the importance of:

  • Having clarity of one’s purpose
  • Discovering and living their core values
  • Developing core behaviors that bring their values to life
  • Understanding that truth is the lifeblood of growth
  • Understanding that managing one’s energy, not time, is the key to personal growth and renewal
  • Understanding that growing relationships is what really matters

What ROI can I expect?

Here’s what one of our clients had to say about their organization’s ROI:

American Contractors Insurance Group (ACIG) has been sending our future leaders to the True Growth Authentic Leaders Academy for over ten (10) years. All of our attendees have come back from the experience with a profound impact on both their personal and business lives. The value and impact that it has had on all of our attendees has been astonishing. We have had no turn-over in the leaders that have attended. In addition, we have seen our return on investment in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Long-range thinking and reasoning, which has led to promotions and increase of responsibilities within our employee group.
  • Self-discipline, sociability and employee insight is an immediate benefit that we have recognized with our future leaders.
  • Positive people orientation, including aligning what they have learned and how best to engage other employees in the organization.
  • Our attendees are energized and excited to demonstrate their new-found leadership attributes after attending the academy.

Our leaders are investing in their work and projects, and have a much-improved outlook on how that can positively impact our business objectives. We strive to make our employees feel valued, and one way is to invest in their future and career development. Investing in True Growth is a strategic investment with a return that will provide lifelong leadership to your organization based on equipping your leaders with the requisite leadership skills to meet your strategic goals.

With the current war on talent across all industries, I highly recommend the True Growth Academy for all future leaders. The people skills, team building and leadership acumen learned and demonstrated during the academy far outweighs the minimal upfront cost to attend.

American Contractors Insurance Group
Michael H. Overholt, CSP, ARM, CRIS
Vice President – Safety & Quality

What are the costs for the True Growth® Academy and portable True Growth® Sessions?

Cost for the True Growth® Academy is $4,250 per attendee or $3,950 for a commitment of 2 or more leaders per session. Fee is all-inclusive (activities, meals, lodging, transportation) upon arrival at Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) or Harrisburg, PA International Airport (MDT).

Cost for the one day portable True Growth® session is $10,000 plus expenses for two facilitators. Fee includes materials and course for up to 25 leaders.

Cost for the 1 ½ day portable True Growth® session is $16,000 plus expenses for two facilitators. Fee includes materials and course for up to 25 leaders.