True Growth Newsletter

“The Power of Appreciation”

by: Byrd Baggett

After an extensive three-year study of the critical variables for leadership success, the Center for Creative Leadership concluded the only statistically significant factor differentiating the very best leaders from mediocre ones is caring.

The above research reinforces the following three steps essential to developing passionately engaged teams:

Step One: When people understand you, you get their attention.
Step Two: When people trust you, you earn their loyalty.
Step Three: When people know you really care, you catch their hearts.

Effective leaders show how much they care by consistently providing random acts of appreciation. It’s so simple that many miss its power. I will repeat the following for emphasis…

The number one want of people is to be appreciated.
The number one want of people is to be appreciated.
The number one want of people is to be appreciated.

Even in this digitally connected world in which we live, the most meaningful act of appreciation is, and always will be, a hand-written-note. Following is a story about the power of one act of appreciation…

Upon leaving the office of an executive after a business meeting, I met a lady whom I thought was his administrative assistant. After introducing myself, I asked what she thought about her manager. She responded, “He is the best leader that I have ever worked for.” My follow up question – “Why do you feel this way?” She proceeded to open her desk drawer to show me the following hand-written note…

She mentioned that she had not worked with Michael for over three years, and his hand-written note was the only one that she had ever received in her many years of employment with her organization.

True Growth Takeaway:
Appreciation is the #1 want of people.

True Growth Journal Question:
Who has earned and/or needs a hand-written note of appreciation? Take time to send that card today!

About the author: Byrd Baggett is a best-selling author and popular motivational speaker. He has been helping organizations develop authentic leaders and passionately engaged teams since 1990. His corporate experience includes sales and management careers with two Fortune 500 companies. He is a Member of LWM III Consulting LLC and creator of the True Growth® brand.