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Faith, as a Source of Strength

Bob Dare

April 2016

If you are like me, you occasionally struggle with living. There are a number of negative distractors to life, but those distractors exist and we cannot pretend that they don't; nor can we eliminate them. Some things, as bad as they are, have always been and always will be. Crime, violence, tragedy, failure, disappointment, and other unwanted events are part of reality. This is not to excuse bad or evil behavior. We must, when we can, properly correct those events wrought by human failure, but to think that we can make them go away is to engage in wishful thinking. I believe the real secret to surviving the rigors of life is reliance on faith.

What is faith? For the purpose of this narrative I cite the following definition: "Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. "For some, faith is synonymous with religion. For others it may be that internal GPS always guiding you. And for others, it is that mystical, spiritual belief that all things cannot be explained or controlled, but, "that's okay".

Regardless of the source, for those who possess faith, I am sure you would agree that faith allows one to accept that there is not an answer to every question, nor a rational explanation to every event; science, including medical science cannot eliminate every challenge; mankind cannot and does not control everything.

Faith provides the ability to cope with the pains and frustrations that are inevitable in this world. Faith provides the strength to rise and return to the fight of life after we have been knocked down by a right hook from reality. Faith provides resilience to weather those disasters and sorrows that life's storms leave in its aftermath. And faith provides the moral courage that protects us from group-think, and causes us to choose that harder right over the easier wrong.

My experience tells me that you normally can identify people of faith. They seem happy, smile more often, show genuine concern and care for others, and see the good that is prevalent in our world. They understand that they cannot "fix" everything and they accept that "life is what's happening while we are making other plans."

Faith is not hard to find. It exists in each of us. It is a choice one makes to believe in a higher power rather than engage in self-aggrandizement. Faith can be the foundation upon which, one can build a powerful and determined psyche. Faith is not Pollyannaish; it is not denial or ignorance towards life's distractors mentioned above. Faith provides the positive motivation that gets us up and propels us forward when times are tough.

Some time ago I read what became, and remains my daily mantra: "Do the best you can; leave the rest to faith."

True Growth Takeaway: Do the best you can; leave the rest to faith.

True Growth Journal Question: What can I do to strengthen my faith?

About the author: Bob Dare served 28 years in the United States Army. He held every noncommissioned officer leadership position culminating with his last three assignments as Command Sergeant Major for the 25th Infantry Division, United States Army Pacific Command and United States Army Forces Command. Bob is also an executive coach and facilitator for LWM III Consulting.

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