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Personal Board of Directors

by: Byrd Baggett

"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit." - Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965)

I am writing this article after one of the monthly "accountability" calls with Rob Hunt and his "Personal Board of Directors".

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A little background: I met Rob in 2001 after speaking at one of his organization's annual conferences. What started as a business relationship soon developed into a deep friendship, as I found Rob to be a truly authentic person. He is a man of impeccable integrity, has passion for what he does, compassion for those he serves, and, most importantly, he is a man of great humility. In other words, he's the "Real Deal".

In 2007, I invited Rob, who was enjoying a very "successful" career in the corporate world, to attend our first True Growth Academy in Kerrville, Texas. As part of the experience, we recommended that each attendee select a few individuals - their "Personal Board of Directors" - whose main task was to hold them accountable to living their True Growth® Model. I will let Rob and his "Board Members" tell the rest of the story…

"After attending the inaugural True Growth® Academy, I realized that I was not happy with my professional and personal growth. I also realized that a big part of my problem was that no one was helping me achieve my goals.  I attributed my lack of progress to not having a "personal trainer", someone that would push me harder and encourage me to reach my goals.  I knew that without this type of direction, I would continue to struggle in making the improvements that I felt were necessary.  It was obvious that I would not be able to keep my personal commitments to improve without the accountability piece.  

I thought about my circle of friends and my business associates and wondered who would be the most likely to help me become a better person.  The names that I arrived at came to me easily and I hoped that all of my choices would accept the challenge.  The reason that I chose the group was that each one of them had traits that I wanted to emulate.  In short, they were all really good people with strong ethical and moral convictions, and I envied what they had achieved and the way they seemed to be "comfortable in their own skin."  

As we began to function as a group, it became obvious that all of us were very compatible and in a sense, were all looking for others to help us on our life journey.  Other than me, none of the others really knew each other and had not spent any time discussing serious and life changing opportunities.

Today, we really function more like a peer group and everyone is able to use the "board" for their own personal issues.  It has truly become a group of close personal friends and people that enjoy being around each other. Although we are very different in some aspects, we have very many things in common and developed into a group that shares very personal thoughts and problems.  In my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined that this would have worked so well and greatly appreciate my wonderful friends for all that they have done to assist me on my journey". - Rob Hunt

Feedback from Rob's Board Members…

"The Board of Directors has benefited me as much as (or, perhaps, more) than Rob. The effort required of personal development is never more apparent than when we're meeting together. But the reality of being able to achieve significant personal growth has also never been more clear - The group serves as a great springboard toward personal transformation which would otherwise be nothing more than a frustrated dream". - James Shay

The "Personal Board of Directors" has provided me with a unique opportunity for introspection, sharing, learning, friendship and accountability in an environment of complete trust and understanding. I would highly recommend this concept to any executive seeking to be an authentic leader both at work and at home". - Dave Marxkors

"Being involved on a Personal Board of Directors has been a life-changing experience. A group of people with the same values trying to be the "best version" of themselves make great role models for me. I rely on this group to hold me accountable for making positive changes in my life. I hope that my sharing and friendship also helps others on the board in a similar fashion". - Don Greenland

"Being part of an individual's personal board has been very rewarding. I have found it to be a mutually beneficial experience and I look forward to our monthly conference calls. We have had a handful of retreats over the years - There are few other things that I take time away from my family or work for". - Gregg Brady

I can, without reservation, state that being a part of Rob's board has benefited me more than I ever dreamed it could. I don't believe in coincidences, as I feel they are just God's way of remaining anonymous. It's not coincidental that Rob would ask me to be one of his board members in 2007, as these five men, my "brothers from other mothers", have helped me and my family deal with a family addiction that started in 2007. The monthly phone calls and annual retreats have truly been life changing, and have helped me deal with life's inevitable challenges, the addiction issue being one of many since 2007. Things would have been much harder without these men in my life.

After reading the previous words, I hope you are inspired to create your own personal board of directors, those 3-5 "kindred spirits" whose main responsibility is to hold you accountable to living a life of significance. I can assure you that it will be the best ROI of your time, energy and money.

True Growth Takeaway:
There is great value in having a Personal Board of Directors.

True Growth Journal Question: 
Would you benefit from having a Personal Board of Directors? If so, identify the 3-5 individuals you would like to have on your board and send them an invitation.

About the author: Byrd Baggett is a best-selling author and popular motivational speaker. He has been helping organizations develop authentic leaders and passionately engaged teams since 1990. His corporate experience includes sales and management careers with two Fortune 500 companies. He is a Member of LWM III Consulting LLC and creator of the True Growth® brand.

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