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360° Assessment

360-degree feedback is a method of collecting perspectives about a leader’s performance from a wide range of team members. This can include peers, direct reports, and the boss. It can also include people outside the organization such as customers and family members. The benefits of collecting feedback of this kind are that the leader gets to see the overall perceptions of others versus just his/her self-perception.

Effective Leadership Models incorporate two variables: 1. They focus on achieving results, and 2. They focus on improving employee engagement. Research shows that as leadership effectiveness increases, so do net profits and employee/customer satisfaction. The True Growth 360° assessment is comprehensive in that it was designed to measure the authentic leadership behaviors that impact organizational results and employee engagement. It was also designed to give the participants strategies and systems to improve their leadership effectiveness and having a more positive impact on their team’s performance.

Advantages of the True Growth 360° Assessment:

  • Proven success: Over 7,000 leaders have benefited from the assessment.
  • Developed in collaboration with the research of Larry Cole, Ph.D. Dr. Cole, a proven expert in the field of leader development, has more than 20 years of organizational development experience. (credentials:
  • Focuses on the seven core competencies and 25 corresponding behaviors that are essential to becoming an authentic leader. (click here for list of competencies/behaviors)
  • The 360° report (Sample Report PDF) is broken down per the following:
    • Section 1: Results by Competencies
    • Section 2: All 25 Behaviors with 1-6 score from Raters (Direct Reports, Peers, Supervisor, Other, Group (all raters except Self rating). This section also includes “What we appreciate” and “Where there could be improvement” comments.
    • Section 3: Behavioral Strengths. This section includes the 5-7 behaviors in which the leader excels.
    • Section 4: Developmental Areas: This section includes the 5-7 behaviors in which the leader needs improvement.
    • Section 5: “Blind Spots” graph. This chart illustrates where the leader rated self on each of the 25 behaviors and whether the raters (group) perceived him/her higher or lower on each.
  • Keep in mind that feedback is just information – it’s what one does with the information that makes the difference. To best leverage the 360° information, the leader will receive the Making the Most of Your Feedback resource (click to PDF). This valuable guide will help the leader gain maximum benefit from this process by using the data as both a catalyst and as a guideline for positive change and continuous development.
  • Once the leader understands the 360 feedback and properly interprets the data by using the Making the Most of Your Feedback resource, it’s now time to implement an action plan to improve the behavior that needs the most attention. As the attached sample action plan illustrates (click to PDF), the behavior that the leader identified as the one that needed immediate attention was Behavior #20, “The leader encourages, listens to understand and then uses the input of others when appropriate.” You will note that the three action steps (30, 60 and 90 days) that were incorporated into the action plan came from page 5 of another invaluable resource, Leadership Strategies. (click to PDF). This tool is full of practical tips on how to close the behavioral gaps that are identified in one’s assessment.
  • To track one’s progress, True Growth offers an optional Comparative 360 Assessment (click to PDF). This period to period comparative report is an excellent tool to help the leader discover where they have made improvements and where developmental opportunities still exist.

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