One Day Session

One Day Portable Session Agenda

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Pre-Course Recommended Reading: The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz
Organization: Four to five leaders per table

8:00: Introduction

Goal: Introduction of Staff; review agenda & seminar goals/ objectives.

8:15: Understanding Your Interpersonal Style

Goal: Identify the four interpersonal styles as well as understand how to best relate to each of them. This exercise will identify a key inhibitor to social fitness – communication with different styles and how to relate to them.

9:15: Break

9:25: True Growth Model/Seasons of Growth

Goal: Understand the True Growth Model; Take an energy audit to determine current levels.

(Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual); self-assess against 25 behaviors of an Authentic Leader; assess personal Season of Growth.

Exercise: Leaders assess what Season of Growth they are currently in by taking the Seasons of Growth and Energy Audit assessments; openly share at table. Plus/ Delta Exercise against the 25 behaviors of an Authentic Leader.

10:25: Break

10:35: Values/Values Exercise

Goal: Understand the value of possessing and living clear personal values; Leaders work within a framework to identify five personal core values; assess the importance and energy being applied against the personal values and determine where change is needed.

Exercise: Leaders work within a framework to identify five personal core values; openly share at table.

11:30: Lunch (on site)

12:15: Behaviors/Behaviors Exercise- Bringing Your Values to Life

Goal: Understand the value and benefits of exercising a set of behaviors to put values into daily practice to strengthen one’s fitness in the five strength domains. Introduce the concept of digital discipline and the value of journaling for self-reflection. Identify one supporting behavior for each personal value.

Exercise: Leaders identify one personal behavior for each personal value; share with table group.

12:50: Life Story

Goal: Understand the crucibles and influencers in our lives that mold our values and behaviors; define crucibles, significant events/influencers; discuss the importance of reflection on the past; review steps in creating a life story graph.

1:15: Break

1:25: Life Story (Continued)/Purpose

Goal: Leaders share at their table one crucible or significant event in their life; draft a personal purpose statement; complete the True Growth Model.

Exercise: Leaders start Life Story graph in class with “homework” to complete after session; voluntarily share a crucible, influence or influencer with their table group; emphasis is placed on the power of sharing one’s story with others; draft a personal purpose statement and share with group; complete True Growth Model.

2:50: Break

3:00: Action Planning

Goal: Present the principles of personal action planning; provide development action planning examples.

Exercise: Leaders draft a personal development plan with emphasis on those fitness areas identified as deficient and select an “Accountability Buddy” to work with for the next three months.

4:00: Break

4:10: Closing Session

4:30: Session Concludes


  • True Growth 360° Assessment.
  • One-on-One Coaching: Each leader to receive a 55-minute coaching session to help them “unpack” their 360° assessment and develop a professional action plan.