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Authentic Leaders Building Authentic Leaders

True Growth exists to serve you and your organization in growing authentic leaders who people want to follow. Authentic leaders build stronger teams, have better loyalty and employee retention, and consistently improve bottom-line profitability.

We at True Growth provide you with seasoned and wise practitioners who have proven track records leading organizations. Our varied leadership experiences and practicality of our stories will provide numerous lessons for you and your organization. We are transparent with both our successes and failures. We consult, teach, and coach from our True Growth® Model of leader development. Most importantly, we are committed to growing individuals and teams to the richly rewarding Season of Significance.

Why settle for success when you can grow to significance?

To ensure a quality experience, each session is limited to 30 attendees. Act now to participate in this transformational experience. More Information PDF

True Growth® Academy

The True Growth® Academy, designed for management level leaders, provides a structured development of both the principles and applications of authentic leadership. The overall objectives of the True Growth® Academy experience are:

  • To understand the principles and benefits of authentic leadership.
  • To create an environment of self-discovery, growth, and leadership development.
  • To gain clarity and conviction of one’s personal values and how they align with the organization.
  • To gain clarity of one’s personal life purpose with the associated benefits of focus, passion, balance and true enjoyment.
  • To build a set of personal leadership disciplines that support one’s life purpose and values.
  • To engage participants in rich, challenging discussions that will promote original thinking in relation to both personal and professional development.
  • To provide participants with multiple assessment tools designed to help them discover their authentic true selves.
  • To explore the roots of organizational disengagement.
  • To help leaders of organizations better understand how to create work environments and relationships that lead to passionately engaged teams.

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Why the True Growth® Academy?
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