Executive Coaching


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Executive coaching is one of the best strategies for further developing an individual’s leadership potential. Executive coaching can assist an individual in discovering, developing, and further utilizing his or her own potential. At True Growth, we define coaching as “a collaborative relationship focused on equipping people to more fully develop themselves and to facilitate a shift in their knowledge and behavior.” True Growth Coaching offers many benefits to our professional clients:


The benefits of the coaching process, in addition to those listed in the previous section, will include:

  • Direct one-on-one assistance and attention
  • Convenience of not having to leave the workplace or office
  • Ability to schedule coaching sessions when convenient
  • Accountability to make progress
  • High effectiveness and fast results
  • Availability for on-site visit with assessment
  • Increased awareness of one’s leadership and management style, strengths, and weaknesses
  • A higher degree of commitment to improve in the areas identified for development
  • Coaching provides increased value to the organization such as affecting ROI, realizing performance improvement, gaining training reinforcement, increasing skill development, experiencing enhanced working relationships, growing in leadership development, and improving employee retention.


Coaching Metrics (six month engagements only)

For the six month coaching relationship, the True Growth Coach will build a Coaching Metrics that brings focus, structure, and accountability to the coaching process with the help of the learner and his/her supervisor (if applicable).

The Coaching Metrics will include a list of the client’s strengths, two or three developmental areas, a detailed explanation of the preferred behavior/skills, a developmental plan, and a timetable. The client will complete the coaching process with an evaluation.

Assessment Phase (if applicable)

We require that all coaching clients complete the TrueGrowth 360º Assessment and the Interpersonal Styles personality assessment prior to beginning coaching sessions.

The purpose of this assessment is to allow the coach and client to uncover personality, work preferences, communication style, and a myriad of other preferences in leadership and management styles. This information is critical to the success of the coaching relationship. Please note that clients who have participated in the True Growth Academy will have already completed these assessments.


The coach and client will begin the coaching sessions upon completion of the steps outlined above. The sessions will proceed according to the objectives and schedule determined by the coach and client.


Coaching Sessions

The day and time of the sessions will be agreed upon jointly by the coach and client, then scheduled for a specific time and date. Each coaching session will last between 50 minutes and one hour. There may be times when the coach and client need to talk or e-mail briefly between sessions. This service is included at no additional charge. The coach will also provide preparation work for each call to ensure the time is profitable and benefits the client.

Call Procedure

The client will be responsible for calling the coach at the prearranged time. Due to the fact that the time with your coach is set aside specifically for you, any rescheduling of the call needs to be made at least 72 hours in advance and confirmed by the coach. A “no-show” for a scheduled coaching appointment counts as a session unless extenuating circumstances exist.


All interactions between the coach and client are in strict confidence. There may be occasions when a client’s employer asks for the client’s progress. In these cases, the coach and client will come to agreement up front about what information can and will be shared.


True Growth offers a variety of executive coaches available to meet the specific needs of individuals. A sense of trust, respect, and the ability to “connect” are fundamental to an effective coaching relationship. If it is not felt that a good match exists, another coach will be assigned.


The client gives permission for the coach to have access to all assessments completed through True Growth prior to the coaching engagement.

Nature of the Relationship

The client is aware that the purpose of the coaching relationship is to help advance the client’s goals and objectives. In no way is the coaching psychological counseling or any other type of therapy. Coaching results are not guaranteed. The client enters into the relationship understanding that he/she is responsible for creating his/her own results. The client agrees to hold the coach free of all liability and responsibility for anything resulting in adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of specific advice given by the coach.


The coaching engagement may be terminated at any time if you feel you have reached your objectives or would like to discontinue the coaching relationship for any reason. Cancellations must be in writing and delivered by fax or e-mail.

The coach may end the engagement at any time if the coach concludes that the client is not benefiting from the time or is not taking the engagement seriously (i.e., not preparing for sessions, not faithful in attending sessions).

Satisfaction Guarantee

We aim to satisfy our clients. As one means of measuring our performance in client satisfaction, we ask all clients to complete evaluations of our work. Upon completion of this engagement – or periodically during lengthy engagements – we will ask you to complete a brief evaluation.


Research shows that training combined with coaching results in the individual’s productivity increasing by an average of 86%, compared to 22% with training alone.

Program Engagement Options:

Length of Program Description of Program Fees
6 Months (13 sessions) Coaching With Metrics *$4,500
1 Day On-Site Visit **$2000
Assessments: 360, Interpersonal Styles $250

*The Coaching Metrics is a customized plan of development for the client that takes into account his/her 360° feedback, other available assessments, and the supervisor’s input. The Metrics provides clarity of direction, structure for learning, and accountability.

**The on-site visit pricing does not include travel and lodging expenses which are billed at cost. To begin the coaching engagement, 50% payment is required up front and the remaining 50% of the payment is due at the completion of the coaching term.


True Growth offers more than theory and untested ideas. We are seasoned and experienced leadership practitioners with over 900 years of collective experience. We work within the context of your company’s vision, values, and objectives to ensure that the coaching process aligns to you and your organization’s needs. We focus on developing exceptional leaders, one person at a time, and believe that coaching is the most effective strategy for accomplishing this goal. Finally, and most important, we value people and invest both head and heart into every person we are privileged to coach!

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